4 day-to-day tips to increase your savings


When it comes to saving, many people make the excuse that they don’t have any money left after splitting it up between debts, expenses of the month and other budget items. However, this is not a reason that should prevent you from achieving your savings goal. On the contrary, what you should do is reduce your expenses in order to obtain more liquidity and increase your savings.

To achieve this, it is necessary to be a little creative and closely evaluate the things to which your cash goes. Here are four tips that will help you change this situation:

Look at more than one brand


Sometimes we buy certain brands because we liked advertising on television, because they are better known or because we like packaging better; however, you can find more comfortable options that are equally good. Dare to try a cheaper brand of detergent, shampoo and preserves, and you will see changes in the amount that you used to buy the house.

Do you really need the landline?

Do you really need the landline?

Today everyone has a cell phone and most of the fixed products such as the internet, can be purchased independently. So, is it necessary to hire a landline? If you don’t need it, there you could save a considerable amount each month.

Stop taking a taxi just for you


Are you used to taking taxis to work? First, you should reduce them, and also, look for the option to share it with someone. That is, instead of each one taking a taxi, order only one and travel in the company of someone who lives near their home. Even if you drive in your own car, you can consider the option of making stops and taking some of your companions, in exchange for a payment that allows you to pay for gas and save, because you would not pay it anymore.

Plan your departures


Does social life play tricks on you sometimes? To save it is not necessary to isolate yourself, but to plan how much money you will allocate to that kind of fun, in this way you will know when you can say yes and when it should happen.

Also, do not forget that the savings grow more when they are in a bank account that pays interest on them, so, if you are interested in opening an account with these characteristics, use the EasyCalculator savings comparator to find the alternative with the interests Good Finance.


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